It’s Time To Enter The Roots Of Evil…

December 12, 2021 ·

We thought our adventures were done. We, the four protectors if you will, Sigrun, the champion of the Royal Gaurd with her mighty spear and shield, Zedokar, the true seeker of knowledge with his magic, Ailin with her mighty bow, and I, Kai, the enigma thought that we had gotten rid of the evil with the fall of the Rat King. But we are summoned once again and this time by the elven spirits, the home of the Druids of Drych to the drew forest. The fight against Regard will not be an easy one. But this time, we will need another one to join us, protectors…champions if you will. A bard that for the last 10 years had time to think, time to plan, and time to train to fight. And the only one we know is the one called Molthas. His forbidden songs are the most deadly which makes him truly legendary. We will all have to work together if we are going to defeat Mother Cy, the leader of the Druid. But like all evil, it will certainly not be alone.

Features include:

  • Second story expansion of Demeo
  • At least 8 levels, with 3 playable with each session
  • New champion class – Barb

What new enemies will you encounter? WIll Molthas songs be as deadly as they say? How will you encounter the roots of evil? Find out with the next free expansion, Roots of Evil comes to Demeo for the Quest/Quest 2 and Steam on December 16, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…

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