MADiSON Is Going To Possess The PlayStation VR2…

January 30, 2023 ·

Back in January 2022, we learned about something so disturbing that it took a camera to face the fears. The events that are randomly activated to the physiological horror that many still have nightmares to this day. Then in April 2022, we learned the importance that your camera would actually play in your survival as you are forced to continue that gory ritual that was started decades ago. The sounds that are heard, the torture that is witnessed is something no one should have to see first hand…well that is except if you thought that possession…that torture was bad, you are about to be taken to the next level and meed Madison in a way you feared that you would never come true, but you won’t be able to help it, in fact, there is no way to stop what is about to happen…

Features include:

  • A disturbing story that blends seamlessly into the main narrative
  • Use the instant camera to survive this torture or dive deeper into it
  • Develop the photos you take manually and face the fear of unveiling the truth
  • Randomly activated events and changing puzzles throughout the game assures a higher level of replayability
  • Get lost in this immersive and terrifying experience thanks to high-quality visuals and 3D sounds
  • Psychological and Survival Horror
  • Use the instant camera to survive this torture or dive deeper into it. Develop the photos you take manually and face the fear of unveiling the truth
  • Enhanced for PCVR and PlayStation VR2

What will happen when you take that picture? What will be heard in the darkness? Are you truly ready for Madison? Find out when BLOODIOUS GAMES & Perp Games bring MADiSON to PCVR and PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…

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