Megalith – The Review

October 4, 2019 ·

Most of the time in Virtual Reality we have that single immersive experience. But there are times when you will be in the world with others as you learn and hone your skills and build and trust in the teamwork you help create in order to have everything flow as it should. But does Developer Disruptive Games show us what teamwork is all about? Let’s find out with Megalith for the PlayStation VR.

So what is Megalith really about you might be wondering. Well, think of Megalith of a cross between MOBAs and shooters that balances the strategy of offense and defense. Yes, a hybrid if you will where you control Titans that each has its own strengths and weaknesses along with special abilities and yes, ultimate abilities in this 2 vs 2 battle. But before we get into more detail, you need to decide on what controller scheme you will use. You have a choice of the DualShock 4 or both Move controllers. For me, I went with the DualShock 4 and just like anything, you may find after a certain amount of time, that using both Move controllers is more beneficial for you.

Once you have chosen your control scheme of choice, it is time to find out which Titan is best for you. I really urge you to try each of them as I am sure you will find one that you like the best. Plus it really comes in handy when right before your match begins, you can see what the other team is using and also your teammate and judge what you think is best to help with the mix.

As of now, you have five Titans to select from. The 6th one, Thorn, is paid DLC for the time being, but let’s look at these Titans a little closer to see what they are about.

Aurora is champion through and through. Powerful and armed with an array of direct damage abilities. Her Ion Shell alone can root an enemy Titan, leaving them highly vulnerable. Aurora excels at clearing minions and can combo her abilities to tear down enemy champions. Her powers include:

Cipher has to be my favorite. Being able to use a variety of contraptions where you can launch metal balls and shoot over walls. This just may be the most well rounded Titan I used as I seem to have this mixture of balance with my offense and defense. Cipher’s powers include:

Hunter is your long-range attack Titan. He can fire quick and those fire arrows that he shoots up in the air only to land with fury is pretty sweet. His powers include:

Taur is pure power and strength. His charging can do some damage as well as his fierce claws, plus he can spit acid. Taur’s powers include:

Now, of course, you can’t go into battle without some frostbite. Her ice-cold stare is not the only thing that will hurt. If you time it right, you can launch her ice shackles so the enemy cannot attack. Tundra’s powers include:

Now as far as Thorn goes, I did not get to play as him, but just from the looks of him screams determination and persistence. But the question that probably needs to be answered is what do you do. In Megalith, you are trying to get to the enemies Core structure and destroy it. Once destroyed, you win. But it’s not going to be that simple. Not only do you have to try and get through the other teams Titans, but you also have minions that what to destroy your structures as well. But, the good thing is that you have minions of your own to help you to victory. Sounds simple right? Well, I forgot to add a few more barriers that you will have to break through if you want to score a victory in this battle.

Not only do you have the other team’s Core structure to destroy with the enemy Titans and minions to deal with, but you also have Towers you will have to either try and get past or destroy. Luckily, your minions will help destroy these Towers as long as the other team’s Titans and minions don’t destroy them first. But there is one little more surprise to the mix, the Siege Inhibitor. If you and/or your teammate can destroy the enemy Siege Inhibitor, will unleash the Siege Minion which think of it as if you had the Incredible Hulk and you told him to go smash. Yeah, it’s that much fun…again if you can get to it.

So let’s go over the list…Your primary goal is to destroy the enemy’s Core structure…

But in order to get to this, you have to get past the Towers…

While trying to defeat the other team’s Titans and Minions…

And if you are lucky enough to get to and destroy the enemy Siege Inhibitor, you can get a little assist from the Siege Minion…

OK…got it…good.

Before you get into a battle, there is an option to train. However, this is a practice match and not really a tutorial that I was hoping for. It doesn’t really show you how to use the special abilities as you will just need to figure it out on your own. That may not be a bad thing since the abilities are tied to the Square, Triangle, X, and O buttons. But since this is an online 2 vs 2 battle that you get to play, I will say my first couple of matches took a little time to find some real players. But once there were three other real players, that is where the fun really began. One thing I do like is the Drop-in and Drop out system that Disruptive Games uses. If there are not enough players to start, the game is then filled in with AI bots that control the Titans, but as soon as a player joins, they replace that bot and if a player leaves, they are replaced by a bot. If you have three other friends that all four of you want to play together, you will need to use the PS4 party system in order to join. This is not really explained anywhere, but at least the feature is available.

Let’s talk about the graphics. The cell shading art style works awesome. From the structures to the trees to even the ground and the shadows, everything was clear and crisp and it just flowed with the action going on. It had this ease which is very nice when playing in Virtual Reality.

Sound-wise was really good. Just hearing the footsteps and the water flowing and the birds, it was nice to be able to hear in the background. Hearing both sides fire their weapons and listening while each Titan had their own certain sound and when you add all that in and can hear “allied core is under attack, it just helps with the action going on.

In playing Megalith, I did lose my fair share of battles, but I won my fair share of battles as well. There are some things that I wish would be added. For one, there is only one map at launch. Another map is coming, but it would be awesome to have some variety from the beginning. A seventh Titan is in the works which will help add some variety to the mix, but luckily future Titans can either be purchased or by using in game currency to unlock them when a future patch is released.

I think if there could be a way to help build up your Titan through progress or some type of XP it would help as well. I would also love to see a ranking system or even tournament play. Megalith has some of the elements to continue making it very special for the PlayStation VR. It just needs the right dedication, additional maps, Titans, and for the fanbase to help it continue on the path to becoming something really special. And once the trial version comes that will allow everyone to play together will be a nice addition.

If anything Megalith shows us how an idea can become a dream, but in order for that dream to become a reality, it just needs the right elements to build upon the foundation to help it blossom and breathe so it can continue to grow.

Megalith is out now on PlayStation VR. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Disruptive Games, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have some more battles to partake in.

Mr. PSVR, January 22, 2019,
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