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January 29, 2022 ·

When you think about the game of Golf, what comes to mind? Could it be players like Arnold Palmer, Karrie Webb, Walter Hagen, Tiger Woods, or even Jack Nicklaus? Maybe it’s the different courses around the world such as Pebble Beach Golf Links, Friar’s Head, or even the Golf de Morfontaine in Senlis Oise, France? Maybe it could be just being outside riding in the golf cart while you were young and watching your Grandfather or Grandmother play. Anything can bring that thought of Golf into our heads. But does developer, Golf Scope Inc. show us what it’s like to play the game of Golf from putting to being out on the course? Let’s find out with GOLF+ for the Quest 2.

GOLF+ allows you to play real-world courses with friends, hang out at Topgolf for a night of music and games, or enjoy their epic putting courses with Pro Putt all while just enjoying the game of Golf. So before you go out there swing the club like you are Happy Gilmore, there are a few things you will want to know about. First, make sure your space is clear of any obstacles. Yes, you can play sitting if you desire, but even then, you will want to make sure there is nothing in your way or around you. Second, make sure your controller is charged. You will only need one controller for this game, so make sure it’s charged as you don’t want to try and make that winning shot only to have your controller die and you just tap the ball when you meant to do a full swing. And finally, just get ready to have some fun. With that said, let’s continue…

When you first start GOLF+, you are introduced to the basics that you will need here such as only needing one controller, using the A button to recenter yourself, teleporting by moving the Thumbstick up, squeezing the side trigger to get shot info, and pressing trigger after the ball stops to get ready for your next shot.

Once you have gone through the tutorial, it’s really up to you on what you want to do next. You could practice like there is no tomorrow with every club possible (which for many myself included may not be a bad thing. You could do the campaign where you can play in both beginner and pro modes, you can unlock some different cosmetics such as golf balls, trails, and even hats.

But the real fun comes when you get into multiplayer and join in either the Top Golf, Pro Putt, or hit the different courses in some actual Golf along with each one having their own leaderboards. Top Golf allows you to start playing solo, have others just join in or you may join others already playing. Before starting, you are again given a tutorial on how to play and then let the fun begin. I will say not only are you able to try out the different clubs, but there is also a Media Player feature where you can listen to different genres of music while you play as well as being able to unlock the different cosmetics as well. But the real fun of Top Golf here is when you and others are just playing as you are all trying to get the best score possible. And if you need to know where you are ranking with the other players, after each shot and before you take that next swing, there is a list that will show you which is a nice touch. Oh, and if you need a change of scenery when playing Top Golf, you can turn around and teleport to a more challenging area.

In Pro Putt, you will be playing Mini Golf. Again, when you start, you are introduced to the tutorial and then this is where you can practice the different holes on the course or join in with multiplayer which is always fun to play. Each course gives you the beginner and pro version of the course from Beach, Desert, Forest, and Peaks. Nothing like watching some music videos while putting with a polar bear coming closer to you.

But when you played Top Golf or even completed the best round of Pro Putt you have ever done in your life, it’s time for some actual Golf. Again, you can just practice by yourself or try multiplayer where you can host or join public rooms. One thing with the hosting is that you can not only name the game, but you can change elements like making it extremely windy if you like just to add even more of a challenge to the game. Earlier, I mentioned the media player and I will say one thing about t and that is how you can actually view Golf tips from a pro golfer to help with your game is a welcomed feature that many can truly benefit from. But playing multiplayer and not only being able to line up your shot but hearing others and communicating with them and they are making positive comments, really can help bring a joy to everyone’s experience. Plus, when you can put down on the thumbstick and go into Giant Mode and get a better layout of the course while watching a player take their swing from above is pretty cool as well.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. The graphics for GOLF+ on the Quest 2 are very clear and the draw distance is impressive from the snow with Pro Putt to the nighttime of Top Golf to even the sunshine of a PGA course from the view of the clubhouse. When you can swing and hit your golf ball and see it fly no matter how hard and how far you hit it, really shows that a lot of work went into the graphical experience. Plus, when your own avatar can be in the game and you can customize it with new hats and play with new golf balls and trials, it really is a nice bonus. With the sound, it was equally impressive. Hearing the wind even when it wasn’t that windy to the sounds of hitting the ball with the different clubs to even hearing that distinct sound of the ball going in from what looked to be like an impossible putt, sounded authentic to add to the well-rounded experience of GOLF+.

If there is anything I would love to see added are even more courses to play on. Yes, they just recently added the Wolf Creek course from Mesquite Nevada as DLC, but there needs to be more and I am sure they are coming. There was one issue with the media player when I would go to select like the Rock playlist, and it would not play, but others did. This can be easily fixed. Third, I will say, that even though there is VOIP, there should be a respectful rule when it comes to playing with others. I only experienced one game with two players using language and for me, I felt it wasn’t the right vibe, so I easily got out and joined another game that was more engaging. So I am not sure if there would be a way to filter that, but for those that may have younger players, just be aware that it can and may happen. And finally, it would be awesome if there were different cosmetics from different eras and from professional golfers from the past and present that you could use the coins that you earn on. That may be hard to do and name something like 1973 Arnold Palmer’s gloves, but if we could somehow…someway have Happy Gilmore’s putter in the game, that would be fantastic.

GOLF+ gives us the ultimate golfing experience and the physics to match, whether you are looking to just practice on your swing to play a game with others. It shows us that no matter our level, anyone can have a great time even if you never thought Golf would be a game that you would play. It shows that with some encouraging words from those that you may not know to the ones that you do, if keep practicing and keep trying, eventually we will be able to make that hole in one of our hopes and dreams.

GOLF+ is out now for the Quest 2 on the Oculus Store. A review code was provided.

To learn more about the game, please visit the site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, join their Discord, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more practicing to do and leaderboards to climb.

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