Party Pumper – The Review

September 22, 2020 ·

One of the things that people like to do is listen to music. Sometimes it’s when you are around friends or even strangers that you are in an environment such as a club or outside that the music starts to flow and before you know it, everyone, at least, for the most part, will start dancing and just enjoying themselves. And sometimes that energy can intensify if there is a D.J. and how good they may be. But does Developer Fibrum Limited show us what it’s like to become the D.J. and get the crowd pumping? Let’s find out with Party Pumper for the PlayStation VR.

In Party Pumper, you play as a D.J. where you must mix samples of music to the rhythm as you try and keep the audience entertained in hopes that the party soon will not come crashing down along with your hopes and dreams or even have footwear thrown at you. So before you get started, make sure you have both Move controllers charged as you don’t want the crowd to boo you because you can’t keep them entertained because your only half being a D.J. So please don’t be that D.J. With that said, let’s continue.

When you first start out in Party Pumper, I would suggest you doing the tutorial just so you can see how to mix to the beat. Once you get the hang of it, it actually starts flowing. When you look straight ahead you will see the energy levels that you want to try and raise as fast as you can. The more energy, the more the crowd likes your mixes, and the more points you will get. When you look down you see your soundboard where you will do your magic and try to place your samples as they pop up. You will need to place them with the rhythm or have to throw your samples away and let new ones appear.

There are four different samples to mix with. You have Bass, Chord, Rhythm, and Melody. When the samples are placed, they only last so long. So you can either throw them away when a particular sample bar gets low or depending on how things might go, you will be asked to rotate the samples to keep the party going, giving new life to those samples you rotated, and prolong any boos you might have had coming. But you do have hope in the form of bigger samples when combos are performed. And you can’t go in with just hope in this setting, you need a friend, a robot friend.

Your robot friend will not only start jamming out to the beats, but will give you objects that you can then interact with the crowd with such as a foam shooter, a balloon that you can blow up and then send it to the crowd which they will hit back and if you pop it they seem to get into it. But be careful of the drinks he gives you cause I think there must be something illegal in those as the party starts to turn colors. So remember boys and girls, don’t just take something a stranger gives you, just say no. In fact, yell out stranger danger.

Things don’t always go as planned as you do have the ones that want to try to become the party known as party poopers that will need to be taken care of before they ruin the party and cause your score to not be as high as it could be. In the club scene, the party pooper will come on stage and you will need to throw him to ruin their attempt and at the pool scene, the party pooper wants to jump in the pool while trying to become the Guiness Book of World Record holder for biggest splash. So in order to take care of them, you will need to throw an object at him and hopefully make his party end.

There is something else you have to watch out for and that is liquid. In the club scene for example, your robot friend will give you an energy drink or a bottle and when you open it and if it spills on your soundboard, the boos will happen. In the pool scene, that party pooper who wants to jump in the water and cause a big splash will have the water from their splash hit your sound board. So regardless, don’t let them destroy the party or be prepared to wipe the liquid or get rid of obstacles away from your soundboard and continue with the music.

There are some things that I wish were added or at least I hope gets added. Right now there are the only two scenes, the club, and the pool, and each with their own difficulty. I would love to have more scenes either by selection or by unlocking them. I am not saying that Party Pumper is not fun, it is, but it just needs more scenes and I really hope they come. Another thing I would love to see is leaderboards. Just being able to see how well you performed vs other players or even weekly challenges. And lastly, this is just more of a wish, but if there was a way to incorporate our own music to add to the mix, the possibilities of the mixes would be awesome.

Party Pumper is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Fibrum, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, sorry for Party Rock’n.

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