Among Us VR Is Going Lights Out…

February 8, 2024 ·

Among Us VR has been very popular with players having more than 1 million units sold. We have had the new map Polus Point to play on and even had the game released on PlayStation VR2. Well, it looks like the fun is not stopping as it looks like we are about to receive some Limited Time Events to look forward to. With these LTEs, you can expect new gameplay experiences including new tasks, roles, and game modes, all centered around a central theme.

The first LTE, “Lights Out Mode” features the Engineers role inspired by the original Among Us game, and features a new animated hat. But you only have a limited time to play, so here is what to expect:

  • Event Duration: The “Lights Out Mode” LTE runs from February 8 – March 12, 2024
  • Engineers Role: Inspired by the original Among Us, the Engineers role allows Crewmates to use vents, offering new strategic gameplay. This role is not only central to the “Lights Out Mode” but can also be included in standard matches via Custom Lobby Settings
  • “Lights Out Mode”: A new, tug-of-war dynamic game mode where all Crewmates become Engineers. Engineers must navigate the map using vents to complete tasks swiftly, while an Impostor attempts to thwart their efforts. Adding to the challenge, the lighting and vision increases as Engineers complete tasks or decreases as Impostors sabotage and eliminate Engineers
  • Overscoped Hat: Celebrate the event with the first fully-animated hat in Among Us VR, the Overscoped. This limited-time accessory, available for purchase for $2.99, features an oscillating scope and steampunk aesthetics, enhancing your bean’s look with an engineer flair

So what are you waiting for? Jump in now before the lights go out on this mode.

Among Us VR is available now on the Meta Store, PICO, PlayStation Store, and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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