Smashbox Arena – The Interview

October 8, 2019 ·

Smashbox Arena has finally launched on PlayStation VR with some very high praise. So you might be wondering what Smashbox Arena really is. Well, it’s a high-octane hybrid of dodge ball and the physics-driven power-ups from Archiact VR and Bigbox VR. You will be diving for cover, dodge, deflect, and volley enemy shots in 360-degree stylish environments. Defend your team and retaliate with wickedly awesome combos and perfectly-calculated teleports. Play single or team up with humorous characters, friends, and players from around the world in crushing 3 vs 3 team match-ups.

I reached out to the teams with some questions on what influenced them and what makes Smashbox Arena stand out.

What were some of the biggest influences for Smashbox Arena

BigBox VR – “We love the intensity of team-based, PvP games, like Counter-Strike. We also love Mario Kart’s easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master universal appeal.”

How is it working with the PSVR headset compared to others?

Archiact VR – “It’s always an interesting challenge when you bring a PC game to console, and you’re sometimes asked to get creative in order to make sure everything is translated smoothly from one platform to the next. However, speaking purely to the PS VR headset itself, one thing we really loved about it is how comfortable it is. Anyone in game development knows that you almost spend as much time playing and testing the games as you do writing the code or creating art assets, so we really appreciate how the PS VR headset is so lightweight and easy to wear. (Especially in the hot summer months!)”

With some many VR title out, what makes Smashbox Arena stand out?

BigBox VR – “We love that people can pick up the games in minutes, but there are tons of competitive depth.”

Arichiact VR – “To echo BigBox’s point, the game really does offer something for players of every experience level. The learning curve is so gentle, that you’ll be ducking and dodging around like a pro within a few matches, but if you want to take it to the next level with cool strategies and maneuvers, Smashbox Arena’s gameplay has the complexity to support that.”

With the catalog of PSVR games, if someone was looking for a new game or experience, what would you say to someone on why they should want to get Smashbox Arena?

Archiact VR – “You’ll never play the same match twice! The object and mechanics of the game are simple, but between the different opportunities to grab power-ups, calculate a teleportation throw, or pull off a clever deflection, each match is filled with gameplay moments that are as unique as they are crazy. You’ll be trading frantic volleys with an opponent at nearly point-blank range, only for one to finally get hold of a deadly Sniper power-up. Or you’ll take out the last enemy just as their Tie-Breaker Missile is about to annihilate your entire team. We’re constantly yelling and laughing about the wild moments that happen when we play the game, and we bet the PS VR players will be the same way.”

Are there any future DLC plans such as new characters or maps?

Archiact VR – “It’s important that we are active in the PS VR community, and want players to know that we’re committed to continuing full support for this game beyond launch. This means working on updates that introduce features, maps, and modes that BigBox VR has made for Smashbox Arena on the Rift and Vive, as well as looking into new ways to add even more fun to the PS VR version. While we don’t have any specific update-related news to announce just yet, we’ll be sure to share the news on Twitter (@ArchiactVRgames) and Reddit when we do!”

Are there any future PSVR games or experiences that you are working on or that can be shared at this time?

Archiact VR – “Again, no big news to share on that front yet, but bringing great game experiences to PS VR is one of our biggest priorities right now as a studio, and we’ve got plenty of great things planned for the future.”

I really want to thank both BigBox VR and Archiact VR for taking time for the interview and the hard work that they bring to PlayStation VR.

Smashbox Arena is out now and is also available on the Oculus Store and on Steam.

Also, check out the review.

To learn more about Archiact visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel. To learn more about BigBox VR, please visit their sitefollow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy!

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