Sometimes It’s Easier To Blame Each Other In Space…

May 21, 2021 ·

When you are part of a team, anything is possible, even in Space. If you have the right team, you can easily work together to follow commands as you communicate and complete the tasks to make sure your safety, as well as your crew is there to see another day. Sometimes though, you may have an INDIEvidual or two or maybe six, who don’t know how to follow instructions and basically ending up blaming each other (but not you, because you are the innocent one) for the failures and thus having your ship explode as you sing Kumbaya my lord…Kumbaya.

Features include:

  • DON’T PANIC! – Well, you can panic, but even if you do, there are instructions to follow, but if they do or do not, is not in your hands.
  • If your team is able to complete enough instructions successfully, you and your team can progress to the next sector, but the end is unavoidable, so have some fun with it.
  • Use your tool kit to make sure to complete the challenges that are needed for survival.
  • Unexpected anomalies and aliens pop-ups bringing inexorable doom even closer to reality.
  • Full VR Multiplayer.
  • Face to face with up to six players. Even play locally with one player in VR and other players on their smart devices.
  • No friends, don’t worry, there is a practice mode for you to enjoy.
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Important space tools, hammer, fire extinguisher, raygun!
  • Slimy Aliens
  • Friendly Robots 
  • Technobabble
  • Auxiliary Technoprobes!
  • Customizable avatars, with excellent headgear!
  • Your inevitable demise!
  • Dancing!
  • Excitable punctuation!!!

Can you work together as a team? How far will you get before you all explode? Who will you blame? Find out with Spaceteam VR out now on Oculus Quest/Quest 2 on the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport and also coming to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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