Soulpath: The Final Journey – The Review

July 20, 2021 ·

When you think about life, what emotions come to mind? Anger? Sadness? What about happiness? There are times throughout our life from the days to the months and even the years where we all have a variety of emotions that we go through. But how one accepts those emotions and how one reacts because of those emotions can be two different things. But what if, throughout our life with each emotion, our life as we know it, seems to collect these emotions as a way to balance things out so when our times come, those emotions are presented in a way of our final journey to show how life as we knew it, at the time we knew it, was truly what we made of it? How do you think you would see the final representation of your own life? So does the developer, The Game Forger show us an idea of what possibly could be a result of that journey? Let’s find out with Soulpath: The Final Journey for PCVR.

Soulpath: The Final Journey is an oniric world that contains a unique way of using minigames as you play through different emotions and the adventure of life that anyone that may be new or experienced to VR can pick up and play. So before you jump in, there are just some very few things you will want to make sure are done beforehand. One, make sure your controllers are charged, or if the batteries die while you are playing, then anger and sadness might become real emotions. Second, if you want to stand, feel free, or if you want to sit, grab your favorite chair. With that said let’s continue.

Since Soulpath is about the final journey, it’s important that you realize from the beginning, that you are no longer alive. This is not meant to be creepy in any way, but this is about that final journey of life as you are traveling between worlds. Time doesn’t matter here as you are being prepared to transcend to the next phase. So all material needs and sorrows have been left behind. So since you don’t have to hurry, there is no rush, just follow the path of your soul.

Each of the 9 emotions is represented by a minigame that each has 3 difficult levels. The minigames will have you trying to catch, throw, and use objects to try to solve the different puzzles of the game. Emotions like Rage have you throwing different memory objects like televisions and weights at the glass, as you try to break all parts of the glass before the level rises as you try to reach a different class like Master and Grand Master.

While emotion like Joy is more like a representation of the joyful times in life as you hit a ball like you are playing Tennis at a guardian. Emotions like Fear have you trying to hit objects of fear before they hit the gong while you try to avoid hitting the bugs. Then emotions like Sadness have you adjusting your inner feelings to keep a balance of things while trying to not let an object fall to the ground.

Looking at the graphics and sound, I will say that some of the different emotions like Fear, Sadness, Longing, and Joy might be some of the better-looking ones in my opinion. I liked how in the Fear emotion how it used different objects almost like it was Halloween with pumpkins and skulls coming at you as you try to hit them before that gong sound. Joy is probably the most colorful one of them all with bright colors with the clowns, pinwheel, and even adding the rollercoaster in the background. Sound easily matched the emotion with Rage having more of a heavy metal sound while the glass was breaking and almost felt good in a way throwing everything to break that glass barrier that is holding the rage within. I really did like the music with the Longing emotion as it was this Egyptic instrumental playing that I could actually just listen to that for long periods of time.

If there is anything I would love to see added would be more variety of things to do with the minigames. Yes, Rage you can break glass, but what about taking that a step further or even with Sadness for example. I get that balancing and then having the object fall could make someone sad, but it can also cause frustration and anger with some. I know it would be hard to add in everything that could make someone sad or angry as many people have different ways they react to things that make there can trigger their emotions, but it would be nice to have a variety of random different things to be added to each of the emotions that one possibly could relate to having each experience be more unique and random.

Soulpath: The Final Journey may not be for everyone, but allows for anyone new and experienced with VR the ability to play. It shows an idea of what possibly could be an answer to a lifelong question of what happens after we die. Is it definitely what happens where we go in and experience our different emotions on our way to that final journey? We can’t say for sure. Do we know what really happens for sure? Not really. But it is an interesting concept and if it was in fact, one of the ways that we would transcend, wouldn’t we go about things in life with a more positive and kind approach and view?

Soulpath: The Final Journey is out now on Steam. A review code was provided. Also, when you get the game, you do receive the soundtrack for free which is a nice bonus to have.

To learn more about The Game Forger, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the Soulpath: The Final Journey interview.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to rethink my different emotions and how it may affect others.

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