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October 4, 2019 ·

I love sci-fi. I love the way it takes you on the adventure. I love how sometimes you can just see the energy that went from the idea to the visual product kind of like how it is in Virtual Reality. Think about the idea, envision the outcome, and prepare to allow people to experience a whole new world in new ways like never before. But does Developer Secret Location allow us to enter Virtual Reality to manipulate time along with our minds? Let’s find out with Transpose for the PlayStation VR.

But what is Transpose really about? Imagine a world that is so surreal, that normality is flipped. A world where you can manipulate time by allowing you to create versions of yourself so that past and future meet to help each other complete the puzzle of the level of this world. So just think about that for a moment. Creating ECHO’s (versions) of yourself, seeing yourself, and watching yourself of multiple versions of yourself all working together for the common goal of collecting the cubes and putting them into the receptacles that will then release energy back in the main world that will release more levels of this world. Intrigued yet? 

When I first entered the world with both Move controllers, there was this calmness…a sort of wrongness from the past that has been corrected for the future. The future music soothing through my veins and then I saw it, a version of myself? Have I been here before? Am I recreating something that needs to be corrected? Was I future ECHO of myself seeing my past ECHO? Somehow I knew I have been here before. I think it took a few minutes to really understand what was going on and for this early on to give you sort of out of mind paradox way of manipulating time this early on, I am right now applauding the Developer…great job. 

But once you start to realize that sometimes you have to die in order to have the previous ECHO of yourself created, it starts to get a little more bizarre.  If you die, you are given a choice if you want to keep or discard that ECHO so you could essentially start over. Each ECHO has a CORE that can be removed. Removing the CORE allows for a ring to be placed on your arm that represents the ECHO you have collected. These rings come in handy when you may see multiple ECHOS of yourself and you are upon a higher level and realize that the past ECHO that you previously controlled is not going to work right in this particular level. 

Moving around is done by free movement and teleportation which will be needed when you need to get to higher points of the level. Some of the levels may have you throw the cube to your present ECHO that will then become your past ECHO so that your future ECHO will then be able to interact in the way that is needed with the cube(s) to place in the receptacles. So it really then becomes a strategy of how your past and future will work together and the concept is beautifully executed. 

Certain levels will have you moving sliders that will allow platforms to move so that then you may have to have your present ECHO go to the platform, then have another ECHO go to a higher point only to then throw a cube to your past ECHO so that your future ECHO can then in a timely manner reach a certain point so that your past ECHO can meet their goal so that your present ECHO which might become your future ECHO can do their part.  

Levels are represented by doors and once a level is completed it will help unlock other levels within this world by giving them power. You will notice a slider on your left arm. This is so you can manipulate the speed of time. So making past ECHOs of yourself go faster while they are interacting with your present ECHO that before you realize it will need to become your past ECHO in order for your future ECHO in order to help solve the puzzle is really something that should be experienced.

Sound wise there is something about the music. It has this almost dreamlike memorizing sound. It is really nice to go into a world where the music compliments the game as it does in Transpose. It’s one of those soundtracks that you can actually just listen to as you are just wanting to think about things or just write down your thoughts.

Graphically speaking, I really like what I experienced. Every puzzle layout to every ECHO has the sci-fi essence. Transpose is not trying to aim for this extremely overly detailed world. What it is giving you is a world and experience like nothing else and adds the importance where it needs to…in the world and in the puzzles.

The puzzles were not too difficult for the most part, but there are some that will make you think a little which is not a bad thing. What I think would be an interesting idea would to somehow incorporate multiplayer so that everyone’s past ECHOs and future ECHOs would all work together. Would that be too much? Probably, but I can just see so many different ways Transpose could go. It would also be kinda cool if there was a puzzle editor so everyone could create their own puzzles and have them uploaded so everyone could try new ways to manipulate time.

At times where it may seem that the ideas have already been thought of, Secret Location surprises us with a world where you need to think about how your past and future will coexist and they did this all while not disrupting the space-time continuum.  

Transpose is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Secret Location, please visit the sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I need to go and see how many more of my future ECHO will become my past ECHO.

Mr. PSVR, November 14, 2018,
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