Where Can I Get The Aim Controller?

January 30, 2020 ·

With Firewall Zero Hour being free for February as part of PlayStation Plus, (remember that this is the base game that does offer DLC) there may be some who may have just gotten into PlayStation VR or for those that may have been in it for a while that may not be aware that yes, you can use the DualShock 4 to play Firewall Zero Hour, but to really enhance the immersion…to really get you into that level of playing that it was meant to be played, you will want to get yourself (if you have not already) the Aim Controller. Check out the list of compatible games for the Aim Controller and you might be surprised with the amount of games that are compatible that you may not have realized where there or you already have.

But where can you get the Aim Controller now without paying extremely high prices due to supply and demand? Check out the following places to buy the PlayStation VR accessory before the price increases or you may not be able to find them.

Amazon –

Firewall Zero Hour Bundle – Yes, Firewall Zero Hour will be free as part of the February PlayStation Plus lineup, but what if your subscription to PlayStation Plus runs out (not that it should ever do that) and you can’t access the game until you renew? Well, this bundle comes with a physical copy of the game along with the Aim Controller. Great thing is that the Aim Controller alone brand new is usually around $79.99, but with this bundle you get both for $77.90 and is eligible for Prime.

Farpoint Bundle: A little on the high side ($119.95) compared to the Firewall Zero Hour bundle, this bundle (the one I got on day 1) comes with the Aim Controller and Farpoint (which if you have not played, is a lot of fun and those spiders) and is eligible for Prime shipping, but from a 3rd party.

Aim Controller: If you are not into bundles (or already own the games in the bundles) or if the bundles are not available or if the bundles are somewhat too high (see above) and you just want the Aim Controller by itself, you can get it with Prime shipping for $79.99.

Best Buy –

Firewall Zero Hour Bundle: Best Buy only seems to have this bundle and for a little higher than Amazon at $79.99, but if you want to pick up this bundle now, Best Buy will price match (usually if ship and sold by Amazon or if a local competitor has it for less, but you would need to check with their list of qualified competitors).

Fry’s Electronics –

Firewall Zero Hour Bundle: If you have a Fry’s Electronics near you (or you can order online), you can also get this bundle at the $79.99 price.

GameStop –

GameStop may be the best option here as of right now there are some better deals on the Aim Controller and bundles. Just make sure to check to see if your local GameStop has it in stock and if so ask them to place it on hold for you or just use the GameStop app to help you save some time and calls.

Aim Controller: If you just want the Aim Controller by itself, you can get it new for $59.99 ($20.00 less) or get it used for $44.00.

Firewall Zero Hour Bundle: GameStop has this bundle new for $79.99, but with some trade ins, that price can be reduced.

Bravo Team Bundle: Now this bundle includes Bravo Team and the Aim Controller at an incredible new price of $27.97 if you can find it. So even though the app may not show it’s available, you may have to put in some work for this one and call around.

Farpoint Bundle: This may require some work with calling as well if you want this bundle for $79.99 and not wanting to pay the 3rd party Amazon price.

Walmart –

Firewall Zero Hour Bundle: Walmart seems to only have the Firewall Zero Hour bundle listed at $77.90.

Ebay – Depending on your needs, you might have some good luck with Ebay as there is always some type of auction or buy it now or best offer that is calling out to you. So, check out Ebay and you never know what may become available or if nothing else see what some people are asking for.

So hopefully this helps with some of the places to look for the Aim Controller so that your PlayStation VR experience gets that much more immersive. Good luck in your quest in obtaining one if you haven’t gotten one already and let us know if you were able to get one or even if there is deal not listed.

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