ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap – The Review

January 29, 2024 ·

There are many things that we can say and agree on about the Quest 3. One of those would be the default head strap that comes with it and how we all wish it was more comfortable for those gaming sessions. Sure, technically, it does the job, but we are about that comfort and style. So let’s take a look at one of the newest elite straps from ZyberVR, the ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap.

First, let’s look at the features of the ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap:

  • Reduce facial pressure: It adopts a suspended design and supports multi-point adjustment to evenly transfer the original facial pressure of the host to the head. It can be flipped 90° from front to back for easy wearing and lifting
  • Suitable for glasses wear: Longer arms accommodate glasses wearers, and extended buckles allow for easy installation and removal.
  • Novel technological design: The streamlined side strap design of the aircraft tail can not only provide sufficient stability and mechanical structure but also bring a unique and futuristic appearance.
  • Maintain a perfect hairstyle: Leave the forehead area empty to ensure comfort and breathability, avoid center parting, and is widely adapted to head circumferences 20.9″-25.6″
  • Unified design with Quest 3: Seamlessly blends with the headset’s design to provide a unified and stylish look

In looking at the box the one thing that draws the eyes to it, are the two fit wheels at the top and the rear of the head strap. My first thought was that it is a very interesting design, but if it is going to reduce the load of the headset, it very well may be a smart idea.

Inside the box, you have the strap, velcro strap, and instructions, along with a card that has colorful and simple instructions.

In looking at the strap itself, we see a couple of things. First, we get a closer look at the top and rear fit wheels, but this could almost be a prototype helmet for Starship Troopers.

Of course, before you can put the ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap on the Quest 3, you will need to remove the original strap and carefully remove the side straps. There is no need to force it off as it’s secure for a reason. Once they are off, attach the ACE strap on. ZyberVR has made it easy to know which side goes where thanks to the excellent cutouts for the USB C and headphone inputs.

Once you have everything on, just make sure the side straps are securely on. You don’t want to be playing and have half of the Quest 3 on your face as that would break all types of immersion. Make sure you add the included velcro strap that will connect through the brackets which are located just behind the top fit wheel and the back head support.

Now, before you put the Quest 3 on with the new ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap, there is something you should probably do and some may or not be doing every time as we all should get in the habit of, and that is cleaning your lenses. Why, you might ask? Well, not only is good to make sure no dust could be on the lenses that could then get in your eyes while playing, but if you share the Quest 3 with other members of your household or friends, it’s just sanitary to do so. I mean, what happens if someone has an eye infection that they did not know about and then you get it, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Sure, you could use a microfiber cloth and it probably gets the job done. But what if there was a way you could just be sure that all is as clean as possible? ZyberVR also has the ZyberVR Headset Lenses Cleaner Kit. Let’s look at the features of this kit:

  • Professional and Efficient: This professional lens cleaning kit is safe and efficient in removing fingerprints, dust, or grease on lenses, providing clear vision when using your VR headset
  • Silicone Soft Tip Air Blower: The silicone air blower featuring a large airbag and long blowing nozzle can create powerful streams of air to clean dust at deep parts and make dust nowhere to hide
  • Lenses Cleaning Pen: The clever double-ended design containing with carbon tip and soft brush makes it more suitable for cleaning VR headsets. The soft brush can accurately remove the dust in the lens and the gap without hurting the electronics. The carbon top is efficient in removing dust and fingerprints
  • Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: This comes with vacuum packaging which is more clean and hygienic. Soft microfiber cloth featuring durable and reusable is ideal for cleaning lenses and will not leave any fluff
  • Multiple Application: The Oculus lens cleaner not only is perfect for cleaning your VR headset like Quest 2/3, Pico 4, HTC VIVE, Valve Index, and Microsoft HoloLens, but also ideal for cameras, and other optical lenses

Inside the kit, there is an air blower that helps blow away dust and dirt from the lenses which can also be used on various VR headsets and camera lenses. There is also the microfiber cleaning cloth which is good for any general cleaning. Then there is the lens pen. Pushing the red slider forward reveals a soft brush for removing dust and dirt. Move the red slider down and remove the end, revealing the cleaning tip with the carbon compound for lens cleaning. I will say, that for what is in the kit, I was able to clean things up even more, which is always a good thing.

After using and adjusting the ZyberVR ACE 3 Quest 3 Elite Strap correctly, there was this reduction of weight as it was distributed equally from the top and the back of my head. It’s interesting to have two fit wheels where you can make the head strap as secure for both the top and the back of the head as you like whenever you like. Plus, the added cable management bracket is a nice touch, which if you are using the Meta Link cable, will come in handy.

To order the ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap, the ZyberVR Headset Lenses Cleaner Kit, and many more products from ZyberVR, please visit their site. Also, make sure to like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, join their Discord, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Until next time, I am going to reduce the load and go play some Virtual Reality.

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