After The Fall Brings The Shock And Awe With The Latest Update…

April 28, 2022 ·

After the Fall is continuing to bring the action in its Co-op mode. We had the Horde Mode that introduced two new maps and a new weapon. Then just last month we received the Boulevard Update that introduced another new map, new difficulties, and the new LMG weapon. Now, it seems the Frontrunner season is continuing the goods with the newest update that bring even new weapons, a new mode, and even a new map. Let’s take a look at what is included with this latest update…

New map: Stockpile – Stockpile is a repurposed warehouse that is all about close-quarter combat and lightning fast respawns

  • Items added within this Update can be found scattered throughout the map
  • Based entirely on the Warehouse found in the Skid Row Run
  • Respawn Delay reduced from 5 to 2 seconds for this Level

New Tundradome mode: Free-for-All – Free-for-All can now be selected from the Enlisting Machine, allowing you to duke it out against anyone and everyone at once! Lowered respawn times, no teams, and first to 30 Kills wins

  • No teams, supporting up to 8 players all fighting for themselves
  • First to 30 Kills will win the round, or most kills after 10 minutes

Tommy GunOur newest addition to the Armory is the iconic Tommy Gun! It will bridge the gap between the SMG & Assault Carbine by sporting manageable recoil, an extremely high fire rate, and moderate damage

  • Unlocked from Military (Yellow) Floppies
  • 55 Base Damage with minimal recoil
  • Fires 9mm (Blue) Ammo like the SMG
  • A whopping 900 Rounds per Minute
  • Adds a total of 10 Unlockable Attachments

Shockwave Device – Added in a new device that fires a Shockwave when you prime & punch! It gibs Snowebreed at close range whilst staggering all those further behind, effectively acting as a Crowd Control Device

  • Unlocked from Prototype (Red) Floppies
  • Can be bought for 100,000 Harvest
  • Each Device Charge equals 2 uses! Stacks up to [xxx]
  • Low damage with drop-off over distance
  • Extreme stagger damage with medium range

Warhead – A new throwable that can be bought at any Harvest-O-Matic! It explodes on impact dealing an absurd amount of damage in a tiny radius whilst staggering all those further away!

  • Unlocked from Industrial (Purple) Floppies
  • Can be bought for 1000* Harvest
  • 9000 Damage in its small impact radius
  • 10,000 Stagger Damage in a huge radius
  • Explodes on impact – throw it at specials

Rage Booster – The Rage Booster uses experimental technology to make its user go berserk for 10 seconds! Fire rate, recoil control, and damage output are all massively increased allowing you to plow through a Horde.

  • Unlocked from Import (Blue) Floppies
  • Can be bought for 500* Harvest (*Difficulty)
  • Can still heal & revive, although less effective
  • Double the fire rate for a total of 10 seconds
  • Effect is removed by applying a Juice Booster

Additional player skins – 4 new end-game Player Skins added with even more to come after this update:

  • Galaxy: Reach Round 45 in Horde without receiving Damage
  • Hazard: Finish 5 Nightmare Runs in a row without receiving Damage
  • Magma: Finish a total of 20 Nightmare Runs in each level
  • Flames: Complete the ‘Savage Challenge’ on Nightmare Difficulty

So do you think you can survive the Free-for-All mode? Can you handle the new weapons? Are you ready for Stockpile? Find out with the After the Fall: Shock ‘N Awe Update out now for the Quest 2 and Oculus Rift/S on the Oculus Store, PlayStation VR, Steam VR, and Viveport, as well as the After the Fall Frontrunner Physical Edition for PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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