After The Fall Wants You To Face The Horror With The Latest Update…

July 19, 2022 ·

Ever since After the Fall has released, the updates have been coming. From events to seasons and everything in between with new maps and weapons. With no signs of stopping, it looks like this latest update has some things in store for you, that is if you think you can face the horror of it all. Let’s take a look at what is included with the new update…

Persistence Rework:

  • Fixed the issue(s) where weapons would be stripped of their skin and/or attachments
  • Fixed all exploits where weapons could be duplicated by joining/leaving repeatedly
  • Fixed all exploits where Harvest could be awarded incorrectly during crafting
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Devices would be wiped from the players’ hands
  • Fixed a bug where you could receive a wiped loadout after returning from PvP
  • Fixed Harvest duplication bug when recycling Combat Device with Power Tool

Horror Difficulty:

  • A new difficulty level meant for the best of the best. Complete all Harvest Runs on Nightmare difficulty in order to unlock ‘Horror’
  • Gain double the Harvest amount compared to Nightmare
  • Pay double the Harvest for Items compared to Nightmare
  • 4 Prototype Floppies are guaranteed to spawn in each Run\
  • Common Snowbreed no longer stagger
  • A massive increase in Snowbreed Spawn Rates
  • Up to 20 Specials can spawn per Run
  • Snowbreed have triple the health & ice armor
  • Most Snowbreed can kill you in 2 hits
  • Players no longer regenerate health
  • Double the Max Ammo to go on a frenzy


  • Increased Tommy Gun damage from 55 to 60 to make it more viable at higher difficulties
  • Lowered Missile Device Rocket Amount from 10 to 8 to make it in line w/ Shockwave
  • Increased Shockwave Device Explosion damage from 525 to 600 to slightly buff it
  • Increased Shockwave Device Range in Meters from 10 to 11.5 to further buff it
  • Fixed the LMG vertical foregrip calculation to now properly apply all its stats
  • Double the view distance when you are under the effect of a Rage Booster
  • Increased the duration of ‘Rage’ from 10 to 20 seconds to make it more versatile
  • Increased cost of Device Ammo from 250 to 1000 to reflect its strength
  • Increased Healing Fraction for Rage Booster from 20% to 50% Max HP
  • Increased Rage Booster cost from 500 to 750 to reflect its new strength
  • Made the Companion AI stronger across lower difficulties, making it easier for new solo players

Items & Progression:

  • Fixed an issue where you could accidentally drop the revolver with Advanced Reload
  • Fixed clipping issue in the LMG which caused flickering issues when applying a skin
  • Improved the Tommy Gun advanced reloading to make it easier to insert magazines
  • Fixed issue where the Revolver unlock could be completed in the wrong game mode
  • Fixed the Hazard Skin being unlockable without fully completing its challenge
  • Added in 7 new end-game player skins –
    • Retro #1: Unlock all Skins for the Green Ammo weapons
    • Retro #2: Unlock all Skins for the Blue Ammo weapons
    • Retro #3: Unlock all Skins for the Red Ammo weapons
    • Retro #4: Unlock all Skins for the Yellow Ammo weapons
    • Donuts: Finish 10 Horror Runs without receiving damage and in under 20 minutes
    • Diamond: Deal a total of 50M Damage to Snowbreed & Gather a total of 5M Harvest
    • Disco: Unlock every Player Skin, reach round 90 in Horde & finish 100 Horror Runs

Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Fixed a bug where you could damage and kill your teammates with explosives
  • Fixed multiple cases where explosions could potentially cause invisible Snowbreed
  • Players will now stay in their party when they vote to Return to the Hub
  • Added additional logging to better troubleshoot invisible Snowbreed in the future
  • Fixed a bug where you could reset the status of your anti-cheat to glitch through walls
  • The game now properly pauses when the host has the ‘Kick Player’ prompt
  • Toggling ‘HUD Overdraw’ now actually enables/disables overdraw of UI elements
  • Fixed cases where Snowbreed would get stuck in the ground, unable to reach players
  • Horde Mode purple ammo box should now reset on intermission, lowering wait times
  • Ammo crates should no longer accidentally open upon any nearby explosions
  • Merged Skin Tracking with stats displayed on the End Screen to remove inconsistencies
  • Improvements to the audio occlusion for footsteps, making it easier to hear enemies
  • Players will no longer be able to shoot whilst their menu is open in the Armory
  • Harvest-O-Matic screens are now off when they are not interactable
  • The Warhead & Rage Booster now have a chance to spawn in Loot Rooms
  • The Scan Volume of the Face Scanner has increased in size, making it easier to open
  • The Harvest Run ending sequence has been standardized & improved across all Runs
  • Fixed an issue where the settings screen would always open on the Networking tab
  • Fixed an issue where other players couldn’t see explosive items being disarmed
  • Fixed attachments not being grabbable after they respawned on the workbench
  • Fixed a bug where you would have to ‘Wait for Player’ despite stable connection
  • Fixed an exploit where you could recycle ammo and receive Harvest from it
  • Fixed a bug where you could throw items directly through slightly ajar doors
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t pause the game in Horde, in singleplayer
  • Fixed an issue where you could grab items before the match started in PVP
  • Fixed an issue causing the level name to not properly show on the score screen
  • Fixed missing characters for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages
  • Made improvements to the Arcade Cabinet controls that can be found in the Hub
  • Fixed a prompt on Nightmare which showed a deprecated warning when leaving

PlayStation 4:

  • Fixed issue causing VOIP to not work correctly for all other players
  • Fixed the invisible hands when equipping the Orange Harvester Skin
  • Fixed fog not being rendered correctly in Stockpile PvP level

And if you need to just relax a little after playing, the official soundtrack to After the Fall with music from Jonathan Van Den Wijngaarden is out on your favorite streaming platform.

Do you think you can clear all the maps on Nightmare? What damage will you cause against the Snowbreed? Are you ready to face the horror? Find out now with the After the Fall Horror Update out now for the Quest 2 and Oculus Rift/S on the Oculus Store, PlayStation VR, Steam VR, and Viveport.

Until then…please enjoy…

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