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May 7, 2023 ·

Adventure is something many enjoy as you never know what may come your way. There could be treasures to be had, friends to make, and enemies to face. An adventure can be scary and mysterious. No matter how you take it, there is always going to be some risk involved possibly good or bad. But no matter how long it may take, you never know how the experience may make us grow. But does developer Polyarc bring the adventure and remaster it in the best way possible? Let’s find out with Moss for PlayStation VR2.

Moss is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game from Polyarc tailor-made for PlayStation VR2. It takes classic components of a great game such as compelling characters, gripping combat, and captivating world exploration, and combines them with the exciting opportunities of virtual Reality. But before you start your adventure and try to wreak havoc, cause you know you would, there are a few things that you should be aware of. First, find the best place to sit. There is no need to stand and at the very beginning, you are told this is a sitting experience. Second, make sure you have some arm space as you will be reaching out for things. Third, make sure those Sense controllers are charged. You don’t want to come across something or try to jump and land in something and your controllers die all because you forgot to charge them. Fourth, I am not going to spoil anything for anyone. And finally, have some fun. With all that said, let’s continue…

You may be familiar with the Moss and Quill and for those that may not be, you play as a Reader who helps the small hero with a big heart named Quill. Quill is a mouse who is on a quest to save her kingdom and everyone in it against evil. You will come across challenging puzzles to get to different parts of the area as you may need to get to levers, open doors, and retrieve scrolls among other things.

But Polyarc has done something special here and used the PlayStation VR2 features in the best ways possible. With the PlayStation VR version, you used the Dualshock controller. Not a bad way to play, but using the Sense controllers just really feels more natural, and puzzles where I, as the Reader and helping Quill, made the moving platforms that much easier to help. We also have amazing Eye Tracking that when you look at objects, they start to light up, plus, Quill can tell where you are looking and you never know when she may offer some help in return. But when you use your weapon to break boxes and pots, depending on how much force is used, the adaptive triggers respond. They also improved on the haptics. If Quill gets hit, you are going to feel that in the headset which just adds to the experience. But as amazing as all these features are, I think seeing the world of Moss, might be its greatest feature. When I first started Moss on PlayStation VR2, I could immediately see the 4K visual improvements that were made. From the environments in the hall, while the story was unfolding to the characters you come across to even just the water, everything is as beautiful as can be.

Part of the fun is the puzzles which are not overly complicated, but you may just need to think about some of them a little more than others. Some may require where you need to grab one of the enemy b to hold them on a certain spot or there could be puzzles where statues and blocks may need to be moved around in order to progress. Just remember, even though Quill has the strength to fight against enemies who may be bigger, she is still a mouse and cannot swim. So be careful next to water as you don’t want to fall in.

Earlier I talked about using the Sense controllers. There is something about the freedom of separate controllers that makes a game like Moss more enjoyable to play from the action of every time Quill is using her weapon to even when you get to interact within the world to even fist bumping Quil, just really feels like this is how Moss was meant to be played. But there was something else about the haptics I wanted to mention and that’s when you are in the hall having the book opened and seeing the progression of the story. And when it’s time to get back to the action, the book turns white and the haptics from the Sense controllers and headset, and it starts to feel like an episode of the original Quantum Leap and you have leaped into the next chapter that should really be experienced.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. I know I already mentioned how well the game looks, but it’s true. There were times when I was just looking at the water or just the detail of the world around me including the stars. And it just shows how well of a headset the PlayStation VR2 is when you have a game like Moss to show it off. With the sounds, hearing the world come alive from crickets adds to the background essence. Even hearing Quill climb things and depending on what she is climbing around on, the sounds would be different than you would expect them to sound. The soundtrack from Jason Graves is one of those soundtracks that you can listen to even when not playing and that says something when you add all that with a good headset such as the Pulse 3D Audio headset, your ears are truly going to be on an audio adventure.

If there is anything I would love to see is just more time as so many more adventures can be told and Quill is the perfect hero for this world that after playing on PlayStation VR2, at least for me, left me wanting more as this is the definitive version to play.

Moss really does have something from everyone. Adventure, narration, characters, puzzles, music, and friendship. We sometimes get to meet those that inspire us to become a better version of ourselves, but sometimes we are those that inspire others without even realizing it. If we believe with our hearts, then we can overcome any challenge we encounter no matter how small we may feel.

Moss is out now for PlayStation VR2 either as a standalone or the Moss and Moss: Book II Bundle on the PlayStation Store. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Polyarc Games, please visit their site (that also includes some must-have Moss items for sale), like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the Moss: Book II review and the Moss video Review:

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have to get back into this world and find some of those missing scrolls.

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