STRIDE Invites You To The Run & Gun Update…

October 9, 2022 ·

Ever since STRIDE has made its way onto VR headsets, players have been wanting more and that’s exactly what STRIDE has given players. From getting players into the Christmas spirit to playing with others. But with all the fun, there is a lot more to be had including new maps and modes. So let’s look at the newest Run & Gun update…

New Social Features –

  • Personal Bubble – feature for social distancing in the Lobby. This bubble creates a safe space for the user that cannot be breached by other players. When turned on, other players will disappear if they get too close to the user
  • Mute All – mute all other players in one click
  • Ghost All – mute all players and hide their actions in the Lobby
  • Graffiti Spray – a new type of cosmetic item. Users can apply a range of sprays on any map surface in the game

New Modes –

  • Capture the Flag – steal the enemy’s flag and deliver it to your base as quickly as possible. Try to follow the most optimal path and avoid confrontation
  • Team Deathmatch – all players are split into 2 teams, up to 5×5 players. Cover your teammates and hold key locations on the map with useful pick-ups to seize the advantage
  • Deathmatch – the classic “all against all”, up to 10 players in a match. The player’s objective is to do more kills than their opponent(s) for that game

New Maps for the Combat Modes –

  • Rooftops is a large map with a lot of room for parkour stunts. A distinctive feature of this map is the contrasting environment. Players can move along the upper, more open tiers of buildings, and can traverse narrow streets, hidden under the canopy of concrete jungles. Gunfights also take place indoors, in two buildings with different structures and interiors. The first is a tall building with several floors. The second is a one-story building that allows relatively safe passage to different parts of the map
  • Cityscrapers is a linear map where the main clash takes place on the frame of an abandoned skyscraper. Moving along the steel beams of the frame is dangerous, but it allows skilled players to get powerful pick-ups and quickly reach the enemy base. On the contrary, there are also longer, but safer paths that bypass the skyscraper through the roofs of neighboring buildings
  • Neon: the competition leaves the roofs and construction sites for a completely enclosed space. The map is a two-story nightclub consisting of an open space with a stage in the middle, and a complicated network of narrow rooms and balconies. New players can easily move around the first floor, and more skilled ones are able to move along the beams and balconies of the second floor
  • Penthouse: visually and gameplay-wise, the map can be divided into two parts. The first is the roof of a large penthouse. Shootings happen there in open areas near swimming pools. And risky players can run along the balconies and the edge of the roof to collect powerful pick-ups. The second part of the map is a skyscraper under construction and the roofs of small penthouses adjacent to it. In this half of the map, there are more opportunities for parkour and shooting inside relatively small and enclosed spaces

New Weaponry –

• Health Packs – restore 25/50 HP.
• Armor – gain 100 extra HP.
• Ammo – pick up to replenish ammunition.

• Knife – standard melee weapon.
• Pistol – standard ranged weapon, a STRIDE’s classic.
• Shotgun – pickable weapon with high damage but a low rate of fire.
• UZI – pickable weapon with a high rate of fire but moderate damage.

Aiming practice
We have added a new shooting gallery area in the lobby for aiming practice

So looking at everything, there has never been a better time to get into STRIDE with its new Run & Gun Update out now for Quest/2 on the Oculus Store and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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