When Time Matters The Most, Can You Escape No Matter The Altitude?

October 23, 2021 ·

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning. Something told me it was not going to be a good day. I finally interfered with the plans of my rival and somehow I think they got the best of me. I got on this plane knowing I could outsmart them, but somehow they left me here to die and all I can hear is that ticking like a bomb is about to go off. But I am the only one on this plane as there are no pilots and this plane seems to be on some sort of autopilot, but how long it will stay the course is anyone’s guess. I have to find a way off this plane before it’s too late.

Features include:

  • Escape room-type VR puzzle game
  • Hint system and menu contorls are fit into the location, so you never have to exit
  • Hints are based on progress
  • No irelevant hints
  • Adjustable height and difficulty controls

Can you solve the puzzles? Will you have time on your side? Can you escape before it’s too late? Find out when TIMESCAPE: Altitude comes to Steam in November of 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…

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