Would You Open The Door If Everything Around You Told You Not To?

September 29, 2021 ·

That sound…the creaking of the door opening like it hasn’t opened for some time. But this is my house and I can hear them shut, but I have to keep going for any chance of finding my family and escaping whatever this place now is. It seems that every time I think I have a way to escape, something changes…it changes. Things are not the same and I have seen the end even change. But I can hear their screams for help. This hallway is not like how I remembered the last time I walked down it. I am not sure who or what may occupy this place anymore, but these candles on the floor, paintings on the wall, and even the voices make me feel as though I am being watched as if my sanity is being watched. I have to get out before it happens again. My name is Michael Goreng, and I have to find my family before it’s too late…again.

Features include:

  • Survival horror
  • Based on real events (supposedly)
  • Puzzles, Events, and Riddles change with every playthrough
  • No save points

How many times will you have to play in order to get the full experience? Will you be able to find your family? Are you ready to open what shall not be opened? Find out when Do Not Open comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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