ForeVR Bowl Wants You To Have The Blacklight Bowling Experience…

February 16, 2022 ·

ForeVR Bowl allows you to bowl from the comfort of your own home. In fact, it shows that being in the alley can be as much fun as it is to bowl with friends. Have you ever been to a bowling alley and played when they had a blacklight game and seeing the lights of the indoors just get dimmed down and see the area come alive? Well, ForeVR Games has brought the experience to you with its newest update that brings the following updates, improvements, and fun to the game:

  • ForeVR 90s Hall brand new Blacklight Bowling mode
  • 5 unique Bowling Balls with special Blacklight mode effect
  • New optimized throw type – adds addtioinal points of optinmization to the current throw. Select from Classic (launch throw), Default (Throw 2.0), and Optimized for whatever feels best
  • Updated starting arsenal for new players featuring player favorites: Rolling Gold, Beginner Blast, adn Earth
  • Earth bowling ball now unlocks at Level 1
  • 5 New Super Bowling sports balls
  • Deck the Hall Holiday Hall melted. We’re looking for any left over unwrapped presents (hidden balls) to add to the Pro Shop in the next update
  • Updated Media Player: Featuring playlists you love, plus, help articles and creator content
  • Frame Reset button resets the pins, player turn, and ball return in multiplayer games.
  • Foot Pads to quickly navigate around the lobby and ahll when using teleport

So are ready to meet some friends? Are you ready to check out the new Bowling Balls? Are you ready to bowl under the blacklight? Find out with ForeVR Bowl and the Blacklight Mode out now for the Quest/Quest 2 on the Oculus Store.

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