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January 30, 2021 ·

If you had the opportunity to work on something spectacular, would you continue with it no matter the costs? The long hours, the dedication, the missed moments of those precious relationships. But if it was all for the greater good, would you continue if you were so close to knowing the answer? It is something to think about if given the chance. But knowing the risks could have its greatest rewards. So does Developer Charm Games give us a chance if faced with that same opportunity that could possibly be the result of the situation? Let’s find out with FORM for the PlayStation VR.

I will say this now, I will not spoil anything. That would not be right for you or anyone, so with that in mind, make sure your Move controllers are charged and let’s continue.

FORM is a surreal adventure that unfolds within the confines of the human mind. But within this adventure, you will have to complete puzzles in order to help progress this experiment. You are the one and only Dr. Devin Eli who is not only brilliant but dedicated to his work which sometimes puts other things that are important to the side. But, there is a good reason because you have in your possession, a secret artifact called The Obelisk. But this artifact is sending out a mysterious signal and one that you are so close to discovering the meaning behind it. But it’s how far Dr. Eli is willing to go to discover that meaning as you discover. But there is something special about Dr. Eli that makes this progression of learning this meaning even more special. The fact that you have superhuman powers of geometric visualization – the unintended consequence of childhood trauma. So using your special gift, you will be able to follow the signal of The Obelisk and explore these dream-like memories to unlock these puzzles that are within your own mind. But the question is, will this progression get you to a new existence or one that will leave you in the past forever?

Once you decide to continue on as you are so close to fining out the true meaning behind the signal, that’s where FORM really shines. Entering your mind only to have to solve puzzles to move forward is something to really experience in Virtual Reality. The puzzles are not too difficult as you should be able to figure them out pretty easily. Puzzles can vary from getting orbs into the right spot to make sure all spaces are filled to moving and rotating an object so you can unlock the next area. But my favorite puzzle was using the tool to hit the string of lights in musical order.

What you will notice about FORM is that there is no locomotion. The puzzles and the way they are presented are all presented in front of you in a nice and easy way for anyone to enjoy. So those new to VR as well as those just wanting to be able to sit and enjoy will be able to in every way and form which really is a good thing. Let’s talk about the visuals and sound. FORM originally came out on PCVR first and the port here is fantastic.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. The visuals alone are worth the price of admission. From the way light particles will flow to the way light hits the certain part of the puzzles is just really well done here. Even when each puzzle because something new, you would think that it might be a little repetitive, but is the progression of the story. Each puzzle has either moving parts that really wish you could do more with them. When you add the ambient sound not only from the music, but everything that you can interact with, really shines here. Depending on the puzzle, there could be a lever that you slide where if you listen just close enough because this playground of sounds that really compliments the experience.

There is just one thing that I wish more of and that is more of FORM. To be honest, FORM is short, but that is not saying you should not experience what it offers. You should. Some may feel that when you play here, that the story may not make sense. But remember, you have superhuman powers of geometric visualization – the unintended consequence of childhood trauma and you are so close to learning the meaning of the signal as you enter your mind. So for those puzzle and science fiction fans, you are in for a treat. For the others, the experience of what Charm Games has brought for Virtual Reality should not be missed.

FORM gives us the visual and sounds worth playing in Virtual Reality. It shows that with dedication and hard work, we can find the answer to what we are looking for if we just keep reaching for that next step. Sometimes our hard work will pay off and sometimes it may have different results than what we envisioned and possibly certain costs along the way. And when we may feel down in life, sometimes those costs that we thought were good for us, may be worth it if we can just find the answer to the questions that we keep asking ourselves to become the ones we were destined to be.

FORM is out now on PlayStation VR (also coming in a physical edition double pack from Charm Games and Perp Games in the EU and the Perp Games Store on March 5, 2021), and is also available on the Oculus Store, and Viveport. A review code was provided. To learn more about Charm Games please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I’m going to go back in and enjoy the moment.

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