HappyFunland Opens Its Gates To You On…

March 18, 2024 ·

It’s that time of the year when people will start visiting theme parks as the weather starts to warm up. But there has always been one park that has fun in its name. It is A place you may never have heard of, but one where if you stay for a while, things will start to welcome you as their own. There is always a place for you to ride the rides and enjoy the festivities here at HappyFunland. We can’t wait to meet you. See you soon…really soon.

Features include:

  • Explore the abandoned remains and uncover the dark secrets of Mort Grisly’s HappyFunland theme park, Home of Randy Rodent
  • Ride rides such as the piratey boat ride “Marauders of the Tropic Isles”
  • Get spooked by grisly ghosts in the “Grisly Manor” spookhouse attraction
  • Get nuttier than squirrel droppings on “Feral Squirrel’s Nutty Excursion” dark ride
  • Experience happiness overboard on “It’s a Happy Little Grisly World”
  • Progress through the Theme Park by solving puzzles, finding keys, and escaping rooms
  • No lines! No Waiting! No Escape

Are you ready for the rides? Can you solve the puzzles? What could possibly happen? Find out when Happy Funland comes to PlayStation VR on the PlayStation Store and Steam VR on March 22, 20224, and the physical version in Europe on April 26, 2024, and the USA, on April 30, 2024, at a retailer near you or on the Perp Games Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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