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April 18, 2022 ·

If you were a captain of one of the last human arks, do you think you could survive trying to find a new home for humanity? And if you found a place, would it be habitable for everyone? But what if on your way, you landed in a new world with something new than what you left home with? Do you think the world as you knew it, would ever be the same, or would the chances of ever getting back home be completely out of the question? When you think about the world as we know it, escaping to find a new place becomes something a lot of people start to look for. So does developer JoyWay show us what it’s like to enter a new world while providing the choices that could make a tailored adventure for each player? Let’s find out with OUTLIER for PCVR.

OUTLIER is a roguelite adventure VR game featuring FPS and RPG elements. Players can control and mix various abilities, utilize an array of weapons, and explore breathtaking worlds, making for a diverse and progressive gameplay experience. So before you go in exploring there is all to explore, there are a few things to know about. First, take your time to learn everything as there is no need to rush. Second, embrace the tutorial. There is some important information to learn, so if you need to, repeat it. And finally, have some fun. The world is a dangerous place, so might as well have fun while you are there. With all that said, let’s continue…

When you first start OUTLIER, you are welcomed by Martin, your ship’s assistant. Controls for movement are pretty straightforward for the most part. Walk with the left thumbstick, turn using the right thumbstick, or by physically turning, and use the grip buttons to grab onto ledges. And when you combine this all with the jumping and dashing movement, it will just take some getting used to everything. But it will take some getting used to master it. Just keep trying and before long you will have it. Shooting is as you would expect as I did find the aiming to be very spot on. You do have a special power with telekinesis that you can use to reach out to an object and throw it at an enemy. So don’t forget that power.

Weapons appear to be different with different features, features, reloading techniques, and features. For example, the pistol can be reloaded by lowering it down. Simple, easy, and effective. You can carry up to two different weapons with you and holster them by placing them on either shoulder.

But I am not sure what it was, but it’s when I started to get into the action that things started to come together, or so I thought. You see, not only will you have to climb to new areas as you did with the tutorial and have to fight against different enemies, it’s when you die, that things well, change. Just when you think you can go back in and so everyone on this planet who the captain is the level changes. Every level in the game is procedurally generated. So you are not playing these same experiences twice. That means new enemies to face to even new weapons change.

You do have power-ups that you can use along with ability modifiers such as lightning and fireballs for example. So if you wanted to combine a fireball punch or feel like Thor in a way with the power of lightning, you can. When you die, are presented with your results. It did make me want to keep trying just to see how well I could do and what upgrades I could get, but keep in mind, since the levels are procedurally generated, what got you last time, may not necessarily get you the next.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. The graphics are pretty good giving the look that there is more to this world. Seeing the different structures and looking at how well the shadows play off the buildings is a nice touch. I like how the blood spills out of an enemy but just seems not as realistic as could be. But there is something about when you are at a higher part of the level and see what enemies you think are there only to be surprised by some and the action starts to heat up. Sound is simple and fun. There is no soundtrack to go along with the action, but you can surely make out each sound as things are being thrown at you, you firing your weapons, and the enemy trying to attack you.

There are some things that I would love to see. For one, additional variations of the levels. It would be fun to see some different things such as night and weather play into it all here. Imagine going in at night time or in the rain or snow for example and throwing a fireball would just add some fun to it. Second, adding a soundtrack of sorts to the mix. Listening to some music while the action is becoming too much can really add to a player’s ability. Third, adding more bosses, weapons, and abilities. It would just be fun to encounter more while in this world. And finally, I would love to see some type of online multiplayer modes thrown in. Imagine playing a game of CTF or Freeze Tag? There could be a lot of fun to be had here.

OUTLIER gives us the chance to try and make it through and mixes things when we try again. It has its ups and down and welcomes you to all that it has to offer and I can’t wait to see what will be added in the future. Just like in life, sometimes we try only to have the world around us change the game. We can either try to fight it or adapt to it. But either way, our character will ultimately change because of it, and shouldn’t we do what we can be the best character we can be?

OUTLIER is out now on Steam VR. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Joy Way, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, join them on Reddit, join them on Discord, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to keep trying to make it through this world.

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