Resident Evil 4 VR Invites You To Go On A Quest On…

September 27, 2021 ·

Back in April, it was announced that Resident Evil 4 would be receiving the VR treatment and coming to the Oculus Quest platform. We received the announcement trailer, but we wanted to know more.

Well, it looks like today is a good day for all you Resident Evil and VR fans out there. Some of you may know that Resident Evil 4 is a game that has a place in the hearts of many and some would call it one of the best in the series. I for one when I played it on the Nintendo Wii and using the motion controls just felt like the next step of the way that we play, but as most of us know and are aware, playing in VR is the next level of gaming immersion. So with Resident Evil 4 VR, there are some things for you to know for those that may be new to this version of the game and for those that have played it before.

  • The game has been redone for VR as you will be playing in first-person
  • Should include both seated and standing options
  • Locomotion option should include room-scale, teleportation, and smooth movement
  • There will be a full upper-body present that will allow you to swap out weapons by grabbing them off your body
  • Re-engineered weapons and items will be physcial objects. This means when you pull levers, the way you load weapons, and even puzzle pieces that require movement will require movement like how it should in VR
  • Will be exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2. For those with the Oculus Quest 1 headset hoping to be part of the experience, the game really needs the power of the Oculus Quest 2 for the best possible way to play

This really will be the ultimate Resident Evil 4 experience. And I for one hope this is very successful so we can get the rest of the series in VR. We already know how scary Resident Evil can be in VR with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and adding another game from the series is truly going to be a step in the right direction All I know is this Halloween season is going to be a very frightful one in VR as Capcom, Armature, and Oculus welcome you back to Resident Evil 4 VR on October 21, 2021, on the Oculus Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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