Viking Days Remaster – The Review

December 31, 2021 ·

If you were a Viking, what would you imagine your life would be like? Would be sailing the seas looking to conquer whatever was in your way? Would you raid the lands hoping to find the greatest of treasures? Maybe it would just enjoy the local life throughout the rest of your days. Either way, the life of a Viking can be a tough one. But does developer, VRMonkey show us the Viking ways? Let’s find out with Viking Days Remaster for the Quest 2.

In Viking Days Remaster, you will face the domestic life of the fine upstanding Viking as you work your way through 15 everyday normal mini-challenges to see how long you can make it in a life of a Viking. So before you jump in to show everyone your inner Viking, there are a few things that you will want to do. First, find your favorite spot. You can play either standing or sitting, just make sure you have some arm room as you don’t want to hit that loved one, pets, that fish tank you have that could easily tip over if you hit it, or any other obstacles such as doors or walls. Second, make sure your controllers have enough power in them as you don’t want to try and reach those final days only to have your controllers be non-responsive and you couldn’t pass the simple Viking test that is bestowed upon you. And finally, just have some fun. What that said…let’s continue…

Some of you may have played Viking Days from early on from the Gear VR to now PlayStation VR and PCVR. With each new platform giving you, the player, a chance to become the best Viking you can be in the 10 min-challenges. Now with Viking Days Remaster, not only do you get the 10 mini-challenges you may have been accustomed to in the past, but now there are 5 additional mini-challenges, updated graphics, improved mechanics (including aim assistance), along with the mini-challenges being rebalanced.

When you first start you will notice the sound of the Celtic music that really helps set the tone. To your left, you can view the credits if you so desire. To the right is the options where you can select which will be your dominant hand, and in the center, at the top is where you can practice any of the min-challenges, and right in the middle, is the door to start the game. Keep in mind that if you click on Start Game, the mini-challenges are randomized which is a very nice touch.

Each of the mini-challenges provides a different environment. For example, Drummer will have you hit the drums with the beat of the Viking in front of you while on a ship, while Climb the Mountain will have you on the side of a mounting as you climb it. Other mini-challenges include events like Axe Throwing where you throw axes at targets, Forge the Sword will have you forging a sword, Wet your Whistle will have you in a tavern trying to drink without spilling, Ice Giant will have you trying to outrun an Ice Giant, Castle Seige will have you trying to defend the arrows that are being shot at you as you have a sword and shield in your hands, Dragon Hunt has you baiting a dragon as you try to dodge its fire, FIshing has you using a spear as you aim at the fish, Bow and Arrow will test your skills with the bow and arrow, Shore Defense as you throwing burning torches as ships, Downhill Ski will show how well a Viking can actually ski, Balance Walker has you trying to balance yourself with winds across a bridge, Climb the Mountain as you doing the best you can at climbing a mountain, and Sculpture will have you carving totems out of wood.

Each of the mini-challenges brought a different element to the table as I strived to try to make it through as many days as possible. If for some reason you made it as far as you can go, there is a nice remembrance that you can witness, but then you can have a drink in the Tavern for all the other Vikings can remember the good times you all had together.

Let’s look at the graphics and sound. The graphics are simple with some levels looking slightly better than others. I do like how the fire is represented by squares. It’s simple and gives the nostalgia of earlier times. In the level with the Ice Giant, snowfalls (also represented by squares) as I had to move my arms up and down while trying to escape the Giant. It was just simple fun to be had. With the sound, again, I loved the background music that was selected and that plays throughout. Hearing the wind get strong as you try to cross the bridge in Balance Walker sounded like the wind that could be tough in that environment.

There are a few things that I would love to see added. For one would be leaderboards. Being able to see all the other players who have played and try to have the best score as well. Second would be even more mini-challenges added such as building a ship in the fastest time or practicing different types of combat training. And finally, I would love to see hand-tracking used for the Quest 2 as it would just add another level of play.

Viking Days Remaster shows us what the world of a Viking might have been like. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but takes what it does best and provides a window into Virtual Reality for those starting out and as a reminder to many where it came from. In the times in our lives where we grow and things may get more complicated, we should all stop for a moment to look around and never forget where we came from.

Viking Days Remaster is out now for the Quest/Quest 2 via Oculus App Lab on the Oculus Store. A review copy was provided.

To learn more about VRMonkey, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the VRMonkey Interview.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I need to practice my Viking skiing skills.

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