Rezzil Player 22 – The Review

August 17, 2021 ·

Do you have the mindset of wanting to get into better shape? Maybe you would love to go out and run or go to a gym. But then maybe it’s too hot outside due to the Summer heat or maybe being around others during a pandemic may not be the best thing for you. Either way, one should not be counted out for having a healthier lifestyle. It’s about choice and dedication. But does the developer, Rezzil, bring the workout home? Let’s find out with Rezzil Player 22 for the Oculus Quest/Quest 2.

Rezzil Player 22 is an ever-growing collection of athlete-designed training games and exercises that will improve your fitness and reaction times across a wide range of sports allowing you to work on things such as reaction times, Soccer heading technique, and fitness for an improved you.

So before you go in there and try to train to be the goat, it’s best that you think about a few things. For one, make sure you have some space and stretch. You will be using your head, punching, and other movements and you want to make sure that you don’t hit any walls, equipment, pets, or people during your training. Second, have a clear mind and focus. Third, make sure any water you may need or fans going on as you don’t want to pass out (not saying you would) and keep as cool as possible. And finally, please make sure your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 is fully charged as you don’t want to go for that record only to have your headset die on you because you forgot to charge it. So with that said, let’s continue.

The first thing when you get into the game is you are welcomed to a hub with each hexagon representing different parts. There is Training, Games, News, Locker, Settings, About, and. News allows you to enter your email address so you can be updated with any news about the game. Settings will allow you to change the audio levels and also select if you would like a Male or Female voiceover or no voiceover, the choice is yours. About tells you about the game along with different quotes from players. Locker will allow you to elect different packs with items such as balls and gloves. However, some of the packs that were available did cost. Then we have the Training portion. And this is where you get to see the different levels and stats for the games. Before starting any game, you are giving a warning that is recommending you go through the tutorial first. Again, go through the training as you want to make that for one you are doing things the right way and that you don’t injure anything in the process.

I will break down the different activities that you can train in.

Soccer –

Here you will be practicing headshots as you try to angle the balls that are being shot at you into the goals. Depending on where you hit it on your head. Practicing with soccer you will need to use your eyes, body, and head just like in the real sport. If you don’t watch where the ball is coming from, you could make your body miss the way you hit the ball with your head. So try to aim with the center of your forehead. If you do need assistance, you can hold down the Y + B that will generate a picture frame outline where you pull it towards you to help add power and increase accuracy.

If you miss too many shots, the level is over and you will need to try again. After a successful round, you are based on things such best streak, average head speed, how many balls you missed, how many balls launched, the average accuracy, average strike point, and world rank. I will say that seeing your overall world rank change after each level does give you some motivation.

Reaction Wall –

This is where your hand-eye coordination and body movement are put to the test. As different lights on the wall light up, it’s up to you to hit them (you can just touch them if you want) in the fastest time. So your reaction time does get tested here. You do start off small with nine lights. Again, when you first start, it’s just to ease you into it. So don’t feel bad if you are not as fast as thought you would be, like anything else, the more training you do, the better you become. There are different levels to the Reaction Wall. You have the Micro Wall, the 60°, the 180°, and the complete 360°. This is where you will need that space as 360° around you trying to hit the lights as fast as you can, can be a workout for some. But what Rezzil has done here is in the display, there will be like this red light that goes off on different sides in the headset to direct you where to go, which works great.

Hoops Vision –

Here is where you train like you were on the Basketball court with passing, but with a twist. Instead of actually passing the ball in lanes, this is about rhythm and music as the hoops come towards you. So, your arms will be moving around while trying to hold the ball. But, don’t worry if you are thinking about teammates being on the court because they do appear, but depending on what they are wearing is the color you are trying to get the ball through that same color hoop. Adding the different music to the mix really adds to the routine and the drills.

Rezzil Blokz –

This one has you grabbing a racquet as bots are shooting sci-fi balls as you try to knock down all the blocks in the time received. Also, if you need to slice that shot, just use the thumbstick to rotate the racket to make some of those shots.

Let’s talk about graphics and sound. The graphics look very sharp on the Oculus Quest 2. Being able to see the detail of the ball as they are coming closer to your head and reading the words Rizzel are very clear. I liked how in Reaction Wall, it was darker as it made the red lights pop out more and I feel that my reaction time did improve a little and can see it improving more the play. When listening to the sound, the music of Hoops Vision really helped energize the routine, and hearing the soccer balls being shot and the sound they made as they bounced off my head and even hitting the goal sounded realistic.

There are a few things that I hope to get added. For one, I really do enjoy seeing that after each level how you rank up with the rest of the world. But right now there is just a handful of sports to train in. I would love to see additional sports such as Volleyball and seeing how many hits or spikes you could do over the net or even Hockey, where you can hold a hockey stick and practice drills for into the mix. The only other thing that would be fun to see would be competitions. Yes, there are leaderboards and this is about training, but having some online competition for that training would be a benefit for a lot of players.

Rezzil Player 22 is a welcomed entrant into VR fitness. Fitness should be an important part of our daily routine. Whether it be playing sports, training, or just going for a walk. But sometimes there may be things in life that prevent us from having that routine, such as an injury, what’s going on in the world, or even trying to make that time. But when we are given an answer for every question we may have as to why we can’t, isn’t the time for excuses over?

Rezzil Player 22 is out for the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 on the Oculus Store.

To learn more about Rezzil, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Also, check out the Rezzil Player 22 interview.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, there is no time for excuses.

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