Walkabout Mini Golf – The PlayStation VR2 Review

May 29, 2023 ·

Mini Golf is a game that takes focus and skill. You have to have an eye for the hole and the readiness to take the shot when everything around it is just right. Sometimes, wind, water, and even the height of the course can, with one misaligned putt, cause the ball to be lost and cause your score to keep increasing. But yet, when you play with friends and family, the game can also become this friendly competition that really can leave a lasting memory. So does the developer, Mighty Coconut, show us what it’s like to play the game of Mini Golf and putts in the hole-in-one of success? Let’s find out with Walkabout Mini Golf for PlayStation VR2.

Walkabout Mini Golf is a VR game bringing the world of Mini Golf that allows you to escape into a fun and beautiful world filled with putting that is easy and natural as the physics are completely realistic with a wide variety of courses providing the perfect challenge for hardcore golfers and casual players alike while playing alone or with others in different 18-hole themed courses that will feel larger than life and immerse you in its charm.

So before you go in and putt like a Happy Gilmore on energy drinks, there are a few things that you will want to know about. First, embrace the game of Mini Golf as some of these courses will be nothing like you have played before. Second, take the time to enjoy each course. It’s there not only for you to enjoy, but to take in as well. Third, you can play standing or sitting. So depending if you want to stand or sit comfortably, the choice is yours to make. Fourth, make sure both Sense controllers are fully charged. You only play with one Sense controller, but once you start playing, you may have to use the other one while the other one charges. And finally, get ready to have some fun. With all that said, let’s continue…

In Walkabout Mini Golf, you are, of course, playing Mini Golf in Virtual Reality across some of the most detailed courses on this side of the Walkabout. When you first start the game you are presented with the different courses that are available. Each of the 8 available courses has a regular daytime mode and a nighttime hard mode. The nighttime hard modes do need to be unlocked by scoring below par or collecting 10 Lost balls throughout the regular daytime course and with the hard courses, be on the lookout for clues as you can find some new putters to play with. But you If you scroll to the right, you will be able to see the DLC courses that are available as well as the upcoming courses, and on the left side, you can select if you want to play multiplayer, which I will get to more on this in a minute. To the right, you will see information from Walkabout Talkabouts where VR Pioneers come to chat over a round of Mini Golf to any news or tips. You also have your Profile, Avatar, Settings, and Player List. For my avatar, I went with the default Conan O’Brian one.

I would suggest going into Settings and selecting Inverting Hands if you are right-handed as it will allow you to putt right-handed while holding the left Sense controller. This comes in handy when you run out of charge from the right Sense controller from all the time you will be playing. Also in settings you can select the type of turning you would like. Keep in mind you can adjust the settings or go back to the main hub at any time while you are playing. The Player List will show who you recently played and if it does come to it because someone is getting out of control, you can block them.

On the counter, on the green mat, you are presented with the controls which are a very nice touch, your choice of color for the putter, and a selection of colored balls that you can select from. If you move away from the stand, on each side, you can see a poster of what DLC is coming soon. It really is a nice presentation that doesn’t try to hide anything but shows you what is and what will be available.

Now, you could jump into Multiplayer, but you might want to get used to the courses first. Each course has Lost Balls that you will want to try to find. These balls are pretty well designed and you just never know what you may find. When you do find a Lost Ball, pull back on the thumbstick and that will allow you to collect them when you see them. When playing there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. If at any time you want to change hands, just pick up the other controller and press a button. To activate your putter, just look down at your ball. You can get an aerial view of the hole number and can easily teleport there. If you ever need to be automatically aligned with your ball, just press the R2/L2 button. Also, don’t forget to look at your wrist so you can see some quick information. So playing Walkabout Mini Golf is really that simple.

But I thought instead of just showing random courses, I would give a mini breakdown for each one available. So with that said, let’s continue.

Tourist Trap – It’s the first course and it is designed to be a deserted island Mini Golf adventure that really started it all. The course is full of color, the sun shining bright, and you can hear the ocean waves.

Cherry Blossom – get ready to play through a Japanese Zen garden that is filled with Cherry blossom trees, koi ponds, and bamboo groves. Just take a moment to really enjoy the calm beauty and music that is presented here.

Seagull Stacks – High amongst the sea stacks lie the relics of an ancient place so serene and secluded, you will thank it’s a dream. Take a look around with the open air, the subtle music, and the sound of the seagulls flying around.

Arizona Modern – Set in a desert landscape, you will have a variety of obstacles and hazards. This course is a little more challenging, but don’t let that take away the desert immersion with the cacti, the blue skies, and that old-west music. Just be careful not to hit your ball through the rails as those are some long drops.

Original Gothic – High on the mountains of Transylvania, you will play through an abandoned castle where the final resting place is those of the unlucky players who came before you.

Tethys Station – There is nothing like playing some Mini Golf on a space station. Be careful not to hit your ball into outer space. Enjoy this course with some social interaction as you never know who may be best at the challenges. As you would expect, you get that futuristic feel and music here as well.

Bogey’s Bonanza – Get ready to putt around a wild west mining area. This course gives you a little more variety with three different sections of the mine, town, and canyon. Just keep a lookout for falling rocks as you move through the course as you overlook the saloon with some relaxing sounds.

Quixote Valley – On the pastoral hillsides at the ocean’s edge, you will be putting through a charming village where the flowers always bloom and the wind always blows. Just be careful with that wind. Here is where you have hills and windmills with music that matches the environment.

Sweetopia – This candy-colored course is filled with sweets, some treats, and fun obstacles. It’s the type of course that has that Willy Wonka feel to it and some of the coolest themed golf balls you might find.

Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth – This course is based on and inspired by the movie. There was something about this course from seeing Hoggle to Ludo. The only thing missing is David Bowie singing Magic Dance and reminding us of the power of the babe with the power and the power of voodoo.

Myst – The surreal island that many have a connection with since the game was released on PC. Playing through the Myst Age, you will need to putt your way through looking for those lost balls as well as some secrets that may or may not be present all while enjoying that classic music from the game.

Upside Town – If you have been wanting something that is challenging and defies gravity, look no further than Upside Town. Just as you might think, you will be playing on the walls, ceilings, and anything else that can be turned upside down.

Gardens of Babylon – Towering statues, intricate fountains, and incredible scenery is what to expect when playing this course. Just like with Bogey’s Bonanza, you will have three different sections that include the Arcade, Gardens, and Palace.

Shangri-La – Try and make your way through a maze of bridges and soar over chasms in the shadow of the Himalayas. Going through the Aisan-inspired theme, there is a lot going on with this course. You have waterfalls, bamboo forests, and temples, but you also have the music that helps you get into the spirit of it all.

El Dorado – Get ready to putt your way through the highland jungles of South America which lies the mythical city of gold. This course has that Disney’s Jungle Cruise meets Indiana Jones feel to it. This course not only provides challenges, but the temple music is pretty awesome.

Atlantis – Plunge into the sunken city of Atlantis to explore a lush underwater paradise teeming with life. From sea turtles to great whites, take in the ocean life while hearing the calming music of the sea. And if you listen and focus, you can start to hear the sea life swimming around.

Temple at Zerzura – Putt through serene dunes and view some of the great pyramids as you uncover the mysteries of this forgotten temple. Playing this course, you do get to see some very nice courses that involve dunes that you will need to use to your advantage or bouncing your ball off some pyramids to hopefully make some impressive shots while listening to some Egyptian music.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Get ready to go on a grand adventure that is inspired and based on the classic novel by Jules Verne. The start of the course is worth the ride as you get to visit Captain Nemo’s submarine through some of the most well-designed courses yet.

And when you think you have tried all that you can and perfected your Mini Golf game craft, it’s time to do what a lot of players will be doing and that is the multiplayer. You can either join a game or host a private game. Finding a game was quick, painless, and everyone I played with was very nice and we cheered each other on.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. Each course has its own look, feel, and is well-designed. Even the Lost Balls and looking at them real close, you can just see the detail on them as well as the small details that are added within each course that made me appreciate all the hard work that went into everything. The sound is equally done well. It’s a soundtrack that you can listen to when you just need some time to yourself as well as to play with others.

There are a few things that I would love to see. First, I would love to see more additions added to some of these courses such as the Myst course. There was one age explored and it would be interesting to see how the Mechanical Age would be designed. Don’t get me wrong, Mighty Coconut did the game justice. Second, more courses. Yes, there are two more courses, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in 80 Days, coming out to be part of the Jules Verne trilogy and I am sure more are planned. But what if there was a Back to the Future trilogy set of courses? It would be very interesting, to say the least.

Walkabout Mini Golf for PlayStation VR2 not only gives us the ultimate Mini Golf experience that anyone of any age can play but sets the bar for the sport of Mini Golf. It shows that if we dream it, we can play it as well as be immersed in it. No matter the challenges we face in life, if we just take the time to look around, not rush, and putt in the hard work, we can master our hopes and dreams one course at a time.

Walkabout Mini Golf is out now for PlayStation VR2 in both the Standard and Whole In One Bundle, along with all the courses on the PlayStation Store, and is also available for the Quest/Quest 2 and Oculus Rift/Rift S on the Oculus Store, Steam VR, and Viveport. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Mighty Coconut, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the Walkabout Mini Golf – The PlayStation VR2 Interview and video review:

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time I need to go more missing lost balls and see who is up for some Mini Golf.

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