When You Have The Music Within You, Sometimes You Just Need The Stage To Unleash It All…

February 21, 2022 ·

You can hear it in your head. The beats, the drums, and even the vocals. It’s all coming together with the more you think about it, and you don’t have to wait for just any stage. You have the instruments, you have the scales, and you have what it takes. The question is, on this stage with these instruments, are you ready to put it all together and show the world your place in it?

Features include:

  • Six made-for-VR instruments (Oorgan, Board, Wharp, Wavemin, Empads, Clustr)
  • Responsive drum pads (Empads) with low latency that can be configured and positioned anywhere you want
  • Tools such as Tempo Sync (Quantize) and scale presets help you stay on beat and in key
  • High-quality synthesizer patches and effects that can be tuned using the height, depth and tilt of your controllers
  • Virtual microphone allows you to sing, beat-box or rap to your music
  • The Looper makes it easy to create quick loops and build your track as you go
  • Spawnable Launch Pads that can trigger loops with programmable timing and fade settings
  • Multiple environments that respond to your performance and the beat of the music
  • Built for streaming with LIV integration and spectator camera (PC only)
  • MIDI support over network, connect to any music program using a light-weight companion app
  • Use the Tape Recorder to record a live performance of your song and share it with the world
  • Share songs in the Community Library! Every uploaded song will be available to other users, who can listen, keep working on it or even remix it
  • Be the artist of your dreams – Create music in real-time using the Looper and easily share it for all to hear! Even if you’ve never touched an instrument before, features like Tempo Sync and preset scales help you stay in time and on pitch
  • Made-For-VR-Instruments – The six instruments of Virtuoso have been created specifically for VR. Set up your own custom drum kit with the Empads and tickle the keys of the three-dimensional Oorgan. You can also add vocals with lush reverb using the virtual microphone
  • From Opening Act to Headliner – The interactive tutorial along with intuitive instruments and tools means that everyone, from professional producers to casual music lovers, can become Virtuosos

Are you ready to mix it all? What will you create? Are you ready to set the music free and become the headliner? Find out when Virtuoso comes to the Oculus Rift/S and Quest/Quest 2 on the Oculus Store and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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