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September 9, 2021 ·

There is something about having a controller in your hands as you drive your favorite RC vehicle around. Maybe it’s the speed or the quick turns. But have you ever raced them on a track? Trying to make those turns in hopes that you either don’t crash your vehicle and something break, crash into other vehicles, or possibly hit that jump and land in such as awesome way that there is no stopping you towards the finish line. Anything can happen and that is part of the fun of it. So do developers Tea Monster Games and 4 Fun Studio bring the fun and thrill of RC racing? Let’s find out with RC Rush for PCVR.

RC Rush is an arcade game featuring toy radio-controlled cars as you try to win races that will unlock career events, compete in head-to-head battles to unlock new vehicles, and level up your way to becoming the ultimate RC champion. There are a few things that you will want to do before trying to drive your RC vehicle to victory. First, patience is always a good thing to have. Second, get your favorite chair and make sure your controllers are charged as you do not want to try and take that turn and your controllers die only to not finish and come in the last place do you? And finally, keep in mind that as of the time of this review, RC Rush is in Early Access. So not everything is added, but I will say, the content that is in this game, is worth playing. With that said, let’s continue…

When you first start the game, you do have some options. You have Career, Quick Race, Free Roam, and Online Multiplayer. I would suggest go into settings and click on How To Play just so you get an idea. Once you get everything down, it really is a game that you can just pick up and race. Another thing I want to note is that you can play the game also in non-VR if you desire. But for me, the real fun is playing in VR. In the game, you will have two RC controllers. The right trigger is your gas and the left trigger is your brakes. You steer with your left. If you happen to crash and just need to respawn, press the A button and you will quickly respawn to get back into the race. If you need to change the camera view, simply press the Y button, and press the start or menu button to bring up the pause menu. Other options include Auto Steer if you just want to control the gas and the brakes. Assisted Steer will have you steering, but you will have help to guide you in the right direction. Then there is the Pro option. You are on your own with no help, so good luck and have some fun regardless of the option you select. There are options to help with the steering sensitivity, volume, graphics, and resolution. Once you have everything ready it’s time to start racing. That’s really all there is to know. Simple and quick.

Starting in Quick Race is just that, you pick your RC car (three to select from at the start) and get into a quick race which allows you to really get a feel of everything before starting your career in RC Rush. I do want to say that the control of the cars is spot on. Turning feels right on and smooth. Of course, the faster you go the steering can get a little out of control when you start to hit other cars or obstacles as it should because that would happen in the real world or RC racing.

But of course, part of the fun in RC Rush is unlocking new vehicles and tracks and this is done with the Career Mode. You do need to place at the top to race on the next track. Since this is Early Access, the first track or stage, RC Driving School was not working completely. This really helps you with the basics before moving on. It is a good starting level as there are cones and some ramps, so if you want to see what your RC car can do before racing with other cars, then you are good to go here. Plus, the advertisement for the other games is a nice touch. Hello Paper Jam!…Hello!

Since RC Driving School was not working at the time of the review, but it is indeed being worked on, moving on to the other tracks were working and are really well thought out. Racing around the pool in A Quick Dip to racing on a rooftop in Rooftop RC Blast, you do have the three main vehicles to select from and each with their own abilities. I went with Hostile Force for the majority of my racing due to the grip, offroad, and speed this vehicle had. It really never let me down in any of the races including probably my favorite track that I raced on due to the detail that was put in, Lunchtime Rush.

Other events include Head to Head where you race against a particular vehicle and if you win the race, you can unlock that vehicle which is always nice to add to your fleet of racers. After each race, you do earn XP points that can help level you up and see where you place in the final positions. Even if you start out easy and start winning races, the game will let you know that you have been winning a lot of races and ask if you want to increase the difficulty. This is not only for your car but for the others racers as well.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. With RC Rush being a racer first, I still had to look at everything from the design of the tracks to the addition of the atmosphere. I really enjoyed how each track had a different theme and course to race on. The course Trash Tourquin’ had old cars on the outside of the course with old tires and a barrier and you can see the amount of detail even when racing. Then with the track Play Timers and playing on what would be a course you would make in your backyard with a playset including slides and a see-saw and brought back some good memories. Even on Free Roam, and seeing all the different loops, ramps, and even fire that you can just race your car and do all the tricks had a fantastic amount of detail. The sound was fun as well. If you don’t mess with any of the audio settings, when you race, the music will become louder, but you can still hear the sound of the cars moving and crashing as they hit walls as well as each other. Not one time did I ever encounter any issues with the sound or have the graphics break the immersion and that is important when it comes to VR.

There are a few things that I hope to get added. For Multiplayer I could not experience Multiplayer as there was not anyone else playing at the time, but I hope that Multiplayer will have tournaments along with different events including holiday events. I mean an all-out Halloween or Christmas racing event where the winner could win a special car based on them would be awesome. Second, adding the ability to customize our own vehicles with different color wheels, bodies, and just overall look would give some additional fun to the game. Third, tracks. So far the tracks I experienced are full of detail and the theming is great. But adding the ability for players to create their own tracks and upload them to have an infinite amount of tracks with leaderboards for each track some be a fantastic benefit to add. Fourth, adding things like weather elements would be great to have as well. Racing in the snow or through a dust storm and have the weather affect the cars would be a challenge worth taking.

RC Rush brings the fun and thrill of racing RC cars along with adding nostalgia for many players out there and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Sometimes in life, we have many turns in obstacles in our way. Sometimes we crash and burn and sometimes we can take whatever turn may come our way and succeed. But with hard work, believing in ourselves, and dedication, anything is possible in the race as we try and reach that finish line of our hopes and dreams.

RC Rush is in Early Acess and can be added to your wishlist on Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Tea Monster Games, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. To learn more about 4 Fun Studio, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more racing to do.

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